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Tanning Beds

Level 1 - Basic Tan

Our basic tanning membership is designed for tanning beginners and people who have sensitive skin. So if you have sensitive skin and you are a sensitive soul, try this first and upgrade anytime!

Designed for experienced tanners and people who want a quicker tan for a faster result. We have both lay down beds as well as stand up tanning bed. Our platinum tanning beds are maximum 12 mins and the stand up bed tans up to only 9 mins!

Level 2 - Platinum Tan

Level 3 - Super Tan

Get the fastest and best tanning results by using our tanning enhancement bed in combination with our basic and platinum tanning beds! Get your bronze on with our combination of platinum tanning after 3 to 4 tans, and then use our Enhancement Tanning Bed! Go on, make your friends jealous - show off your gorgeous tan!

Get quick and easy tanning in minutes with our fabulous UV tanning beds that give you a beautiful natural glow! We offer the best memberships and packages in Marin. La Bella is Proud to offer you multiple levels of UV tanning beds suitable for your skin type and skin tone to get you the fastest results! The best deal is of course our unlimited month to month special tanning membership!